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Garden Club's Plant and Bake Sale

Each Spring, Garden Club members brave what is often a cold and rainy day to sell plants from their gardens and delicious offerings from their kitchens. It's a great event and is a great way to share plants, pastries and goodwill. The event is the Garden Club's major fund raiser.


Here are some snapshots of the 2022 sale. Photos: Lea Dickson and Carol Vinton.


Plant Sale 2022: From left: Brenda Willard, Irene Gardner - President, Cande Houghton, Chris Betrus, Joann Smith, Kathy Rust, Shelly Bush, Carol Venton, Lea Dickson, Linda Hull, Marylou Trop and Sharon Villeneuve (Photo: Rachel Hunter, May 20, 2022)


Gouverneur Garden Club

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