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Beautification Award

Each year*, as the Gouverneur Garden Club’s Beautification Committee views each garden or landscape setting, we are shown how dedicated they are. They use creativity, color, and themes while blending with the backdrop of decks, patios and small buildings using unique or whimsical items. Gardening can be demanding, but for those who love it, and take pride in what they do, it’s a labor of love!

The winners for 2019 were; 1st  Sheila Reddick, 2nd Dick and Anna White, 3rd Derrick Hubbard, 4th Heather Davis, and 5th Paula Holdstock. First place winner Shelia Reddick received a cash prize of $50 plus a one year paid membership to Gouverneur Garden Club. All other winners received cash awards.


Congratulations and thank you to everyone for sharing your gardens with us! Every single entry had uniqueness making the final decision coming down to points.


Thank you to the Beautification Committee: Kathy Bigarel, Judy Butz, Linda Hull, Ruth McClure, Rita Saidel, Connie Stowell, Missy Tersmette, Marylou Trop, Sharon Villeneuve & Shelley Bush, Chair.

* 2020-2021 - No beautification project during Covid years. We hope to continue the project sometime in the future.


Gouverneur Garden Club

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